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I'm being sprayed by a Super Soaker full of yellowgreen paint in this, I should mention. Truly heaven. ☺️💚💚

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Absolutely fucking love this photo @AnticsOfAnna took of me at Party In Your Pants 💚💚💚💚

Me and Anna last week 

I went to Pedestal (femdom night) and Party In Your Pants (feminist UV rave) with @AnticsOfAnna last week, had a brilliant time. 😊💚

Selfie, eye-contact 

Think this look worked out okay 😄

I love this outfit 😊 I wore it to and had such a blast

Evangelion is amazing because it was an enormous cultural phenomenon that meant a lot to so many people but no one can seem to even agree on what the anime was about

Cishet guys please do your part in dismantling capitalist patriarchy so that when you hit on me I can just get aroused rather than having to scan the street for self-defence tools, ok? Let's have a world where sluts and exhibitionists can feel safe being out, I'm guessing that might be fun for you too?? Get male friends you can be soft and vulnerable with so you can do casual sex without making women into your only therapy, also without patriarchy you wouldn't have to like, die in wars and stuff

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Even before transitioning I got these vents, like did you know there's a whole quiet underworld of girls who are actually into men *and* into casual sex, but can't live their kinks cos it's just not safe? Guys talk big game abt only wanting sex but then put all their validation needs on you, like dude she just wanted you to walk her boobs out to a whorehouse and piss on her, not to keep driving you car around her house like a creep for 2 weeks texting "I'll never leave you" (actual example)

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every so often I get DMs from girls, cis and trans alike, who look up to me for all the exhibitionism I post online, "I wish I had your courage", and I'm like ähm maybe this is a bad idea and I'm just irresponsible?? like it can lose you jobs or give weapons to fash and stalkers and so on, but they're like I know, but I don't want to live in fear, and yeah I took the risk because it's important to me, it's not just about getting off, I mean ok it is but getting off is not just about getting off—

Nude, eye contact, promoting fat bodies, Spock from Star Trek 

A reminder that Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek) made a book of photographs showing fat folks as hot and erotic to combat stigma:

Changing my title from "Mother of the Nuklear Family" to "Nuklear cat lady"

Maybe it's just because I'm running a competing platform, but the new Torture Gardens Social site feels kinda shit ngl.

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