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Taking me forever to do an post, huh??

I'm Andi N. Fiziks, the reverend/moderator of the London FETISHꚚCHURCH instance, as well as maintainer of the entire FETISHꚚCHURCH technical infrastructure. If you want to get involved, please drop me a line!

I'm a blonde caucasian 6'3 transfemme nonbinary person living in central London (I prefer she/her pronouns but I won't be upset if referred to with they/them), I did photography for The Way Out Club and Roma when those were running, some of which is online at — hope to get back to that in the coming months, as well as maybe a few other venues! I really like the colour greenyellow () and tend to use it excessively, along with green hearts 💚 💚

Other hearts I love: :party_heart:

In terms of fet stuff I'm very switch in general, depending on partner. With men I'm always sub/bottom, though I'm often a fair bit more dominant with women and enbyfolk (though there are definitely exceptions). BDSM Test results at

I have one of my partners, @AnticsOfAnna, on here and we film stuff together occasionally. Check out her birbsite for some content, though we'll eventually post much of that here:

I have one other transfemme nonbinary partner (who I live with but doesn't really like social media so isn't on here, at least yet) and a few other play friends I meet with occasionally. I'm generally pretty Relationship Anarchy and define as pansexual, though typically my interest is mainly towards femme people.

This is my fet-y account, so I'll probably post way more lewd content here. For terrible takes and teenage-level angst, follow my other account, @andi.

:party_heart: :party_heart: :party_heart:

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BDSM Test Results 

I take this semi-annually, these are the results from 2020-06-07. I should really redo it... :party_heart:

== Results from ==
100% Switch
100% Experimentalist
100% Non-monogamist
91% Voyeur
91% Exhibitionist
88% Rope bunny
75% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
72% Masochist
68% Degradee
63% Submissive
62% Sadist
62% Rigger
60% Primal (Hunter)
56% Dominant
47% Degrader
46% Brat tamer
44% Owner
44% Slave
43% Daddy/Mommy
41% Master/Mistress
32% Boy/Girl
18% Vanilla
10% Brat
6% Ageplayer

So seems to migrate to I need to kill — how many of you would go if I did that tomorrow? You'd lose all your statuses, but I promise to never do that again and I could build a bigger community as a result...

selfie, eye contact, kink-adjacent 

Black and yellow green for a subby drama queen

collar selfies, eye contact 

Bought two new collars today because I realised last week all the ones I had previously are kind of shit

Ridiculous shit from Cyberdog that I want men to buy for me if I become a findomme 

Except this. Why is Kappa having a resurgence? Why did anyone ever like Kappa in the first place? Did anyone ever like Kappa? Has anyone ever liked Kappa? :spinthink:

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Ridiculous shit from Cyberdog that I want men to buy for me if I become a findomme 

I know it looks like I'm making fun of Cyberdog here but I'd literally buy their entire store if I had enough money

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Ridiculous shit from Cyberdog that I want men to buy for me if I become a findomme 

I kinda want this, you can cover your head with a laundry basket at will. For only £250!

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Ridiculous shit from Cyberdog that I want men to buy for me if I become a findomme 

This seems both comfortable *AND* fashionable -- all yours for only £40

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tall women appreciation post please be appreciated at this time

Almost want to become a findomme so I can get men to buy me absolutely bizarre shit from Cyberdog

Happy 1 year anniversary to my darling @AnticsOfAnna. She got me flowers, I don't think *anyone's* ever bought me flowers before!!! ☺️💚💚

Starting Chaturbate 

Anyone be able to give me any advice on setting up Chaturbate? I'm unsure about what bots to use and how high my restrictions should be


Being a whore this week 😜 was wearing this for a guy last night 😏

I hope you start doing the thing. 🤍

(Michelle Rial is the artist:

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🔞 London fetish community Mastodon server, running Hometown. Contact our street team for an invite.

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