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Taking me forever to do an post, huh??

I'm Andi N. Fiziks, the reverend/moderator of the London FETISHꚚCHURCH instance, as well as maintainer of the entire FETISHꚚCHURCH technical infrastructure. If you want to get involved, please drop me a line!

I'm a blonde caucasian 6'3 transfemme nonbinary person living in central London (I prefer she/her pronouns but I won't be upset if referred to with they/them), I did photography for The Way Out Club and Roma when those were running, some of which is online at — hope to get back to that in the coming months, as well as maybe a few other venues! I really like the colour greenyellow () and tend to use it excessively, along with green hearts 💚 💚

Other hearts I love: :party_heart:

In terms of fet stuff I'm very switch in general, depending on partner. With men I'm always sub/bottom, though I'm often a fair bit more dominant with women and enbyfolk (though there are definitely exceptions). BDSM Test results at

I have one of my partners, @AnticsOfAnna, on here and we film stuff together occasionally. Check out her birbsite for some content, though we'll eventually post much of that here:

I have one other transfemme nonbinary partner (who I live with but doesn't really like social media so isn't on here, at least yet) and a few other play friends I meet with occasionally. I'm generally pretty Relationship Anarchy and define as pansexual, though typically my interest is mainly towards femme people.

This is my fet-y account, so I'll probably post way more lewd content here. For terrible takes and teenage-level angst, follow my other account, @andi.

:party_heart: :party_heart: :party_heart:

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BDSM Test Results 

I take this semi-annually, these are the results from 2020-06-07. I should really redo it... :party_heart:

== Results from ==
100% Switch
100% Experimentalist
100% Non-monogamist
91% Voyeur
91% Exhibitionist
88% Rope bunny
75% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
72% Masochist
68% Degradee
63% Submissive
62% Sadist
62% Rigger
60% Primal (Hunter)
56% Dominant
47% Degrader
46% Brat tamer
44% Owner
44% Slave
43% Daddy/Mommy
41% Master/Mistress
32% Boy/Girl
18% Vanilla
10% Brat
6% Ageplayer


I appear to have arrived home last night having bought fast food on the way home and then not touched it and now I'm awake at 8 am having probably fallen asleep at 11. I really need to drink less... 😅

Contemplating Ze/Hir; I play a nonbinary character in Traveller RPG who uses Xe pronouns and honestly I think everyone has found that easier than singular They. But I like how Ze/Hir phonetically sounds like "her" which, given I'm more transfemme than my RPG character, works better for me.

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Might fuck around and switch to neopronouns on Pronoun Day

selfie (eye contact) 

Felt cute, realised smiling in photos helps??


Tinkerbell sitting comfortable in her cage. Yes my dick is named Tinkerbell

this photo may once have had a name.

Toronto. September 29th, 2016.
In the long long ago, I worked with people who made me feel excited about my own work.


#photography #photographie #photo #purple #nude #artmodel #nsfw #nudity #bodyhair #blue #torontophotographer #art #figure #artnude #photographer

Sex toy question 

Anyone know of any good attachments for the original sized Doxy wand vibrator? The head is the same size as the old school Hitachi Magic Wand.

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I got Louisa keeping me company tonight :blobcatmelt: although I prefer @reverend more but don't let Louisa know that 🤫

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🔞 London fetish community Mastodon server, running Hometown. Contact our street team for an invite.

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