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Our logo is a Solomon's Knot; to quote Wikipedia Dot Com¹:

_Solomon's knot (Latin: sigillum Salomonis, literally 'Solomon's seal') is a traditional decorative motif used since ancient times, and found in many cultures..._

Also from that Wikipedia article:

_Because of religious connections, the knot is sometimes designated the all-faith symbol of faith, but, at the same time, it appears in many places as a valued secular symbol of prestige, importance, beauty._

I grew up in a Christian tradition and I rejected it before I even hit my teens. It's thus weird to be a reverend of _anything_, but here I am. And I think, an interfaith but fundamentally agnostic approach of understanding the hedonics driving our behaviours as a modern species is about as much religion as I'd ever want here.

In the rules I explicitly ask we don't discuss politics here. I talk about politics over on, but this is a church, not a pub. Please put differences aside and be good to each other in this space.

(That all said, nazis and TERFs can go fuck themselves. :party_heart: )


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Taking me forever to do an post, huh??

I'm Andi N. Fiziks, the reverend/moderator of the London FETISHꚚCHURCH instance, as well as maintainer of the entire FETISHꚚCHURCH technical infrastructure. If you want to get involved, please drop me a line!

I'm a blonde caucasian 6'3 transfemme nonbinary person living in central London (I prefer she/her pronouns but I won't be upset if referred to with they/them), I did photography for The Way Out Club and Roma when those were running, some of which is online at — hope to get back to that in the coming months, as well as maybe a few other venues! I really like the colour greenyellow () and tend to use it excessively, along with green hearts 💚 💚

Other hearts I love: :party_heart:

In terms of fet stuff I'm very switch in general, depending on partner. With men I'm always sub/bottom, though I'm often a fair bit more dominant with women and enbyfolk (though there are definitely exceptions). BDSM Test results at

I have one of my partners, @AnticsOfAnna, on here and we film stuff together occasionally. Check out her birbsite for some content, though we'll eventually post much of that here:

I have one other transfemme nonbinary partner (who I live with but doesn't really like social media so isn't on here, at least yet) and a few other play friends I meet with occasionally. I'm generally pretty Relationship Anarchy and define as pansexual, though typically my interest is mainly towards femme people.

This is my fet-y account, so I'll probably post way more lewd content here. For terrible takes and teenage-level angst, follow my other account, @andi.

:party_heart: :party_heart: :party_heart:

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BDSM Test Results 

I take this semi-annually, these are the results from 2020-06-07. I should really redo it... :party_heart:

== Results from ==
100% Switch
100% Experimentalist
100% Non-monogamist
91% Voyeur
91% Exhibitionist
88% Rope bunny
75% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
72% Masochist
68% Degradee
63% Submissive
62% Sadist
62% Rigger
60% Primal (Hunter)
56% Dominant
47% Degrader
46% Brat tamer
44% Owner
44% Slave
43% Daddy/Mommy
41% Master/Mistress
32% Boy/Girl
18% Vanilla
10% Brat
6% Ageplayer

Old fet scene selfies (2020; SFW), eye contact, neon 

Continuing my series of reposting old selfies, this was from my birthday in January 2020, I DJ'd a short (very much a trainwreck of a) set at Way Out Club, where I do photo every weekend.

canadians mostly subsist on pure maple syrup. there are taps everywhere and you just drink straight out of one when you're hungry

Pronoun fields are an ungainly sop and I’ve been working for four years to at least try and change process and technology to be useful instead.


Old fet selfies (2018); eye contact; very pre-transition 

I think this is the first set where I actually wore a collar, it's from 2018!! 😄

My makeup is so so so bad in this, but I think it's still cute. 😊

Relatedly, how would I host something like Instagram Live, but using distributed, open source code?

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Selfie (eye-contact); military kink; videogame cosplay ref 

Here's part of my outfit, I need to braid my hair and uhhh find a green body suit/red boxing gloves still. I have like 24 hours lmao

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Military kink; videogame cosplay ref 

Going to a beret party this weekend.

Gonna tryna look like Cammy from Street Fighter this weekend.

Old fet photos, 2020 

Continuing my daily old fet photo post, here's me in front of Bunker in 2020 wearing a leather dress that is WAY too small for me. I miss Bunker, it was a great venue for sleazy parties... :heart_parrot:

Nipple/nude; semi-nude 

I love these photos @AnticsOfAnna took of me, they're so cute and sapphic. Especially love that ever-so-slowly I am indeed growing breasts. ☺️ :heart_parrot:

Latex selfie, 2020 (eye contact) 

I'm going to start posting old fet-y selfies every day. ☺️ This one was from last year, I've since been told it's not a good idea to put metal on latex; learn something every day... 😅

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